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Technology Driven Instruction

Technology Driven Instruction

We believe it is our responsibility to prepare the students to use technology, social media and internet the right way. If the School doesn’t teach the right way, some one else may teach them the wrong way.

Technology at Euphoria is used for instruction, communication, analytics, safety and security:

  • Apple Education Program is delivered using Apple TV and iPads
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi network that is closely monitored and controlled.
  • The School App provides a single point of access to all information about each child’s progress.
  • Digital Library
  • A comprehensive network of IP Based CCTV Cameras
  • Access Control Gates
  • School Bus equipped with GPS and Camera
  • Social Media Tools for communication and broadcast
  • Analytical Tools and Software for analysing performance of each students’s academic progress
  • Digital Portfolio of Child

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