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Reimagining the School Experience

Reimagining the School Experience

Euphoria envisions to reimagine the School Experience for the stakeholders. It is our endeavour to make the 16 years of Schooling meaningful and joyful for everyone involved.

For Students

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Real world education
  • No more rote learning or learning by heart
  • Positive and loving relationship with teachers
  • Less stressful working hours

For Teachers

  • Less work load in terms of number of students managed
  • Flipped roles with students with focus on scaffolding of learning
  • Role of Facilitators rather than “sage on the stage”
  • Trained to manage self, emotions and with growth mindset
  • Less stressful working ensuring better results

For Parents

  • Greater involvement in student’s progress at School
  • Parenting workshops, materials and counselling
  • Systems designed to ensure smooth communication
  • Information on student’s progress available easily
  • Less anxiety and better relationship with School

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