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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Euphoria academic standards are high and love of learning is evident throughout the school. The curriculum involving experiential learning and activity-based approach is balanced with a range of real-world subjects from STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Maths) alongside Language, Social Studies, Music, Dance, Drama and Sports. This will be further supported by the curriculum based on Habits of Mind delivered using 21st century learning methods like Deeper Learning, Project Based Learning, Design Thinking and Teaching for Understanding.

The syllabus at Euphoria at various stages of learning aims at arousing curiosity and interest in children to share their ideas and experiences, to listen patiently to other’s ideas and relate their own experiences.

Joyous Hearts (Nursery to Grade 2): At pre-primary stage, it aims at creating interests in reading books and developing gradually the required language skills through oral work. The focus shifts to preparing children to express their views clearly and confidently about any language, person, object, place, and structure by analyzing and explaining them at upper primary stage.

Curious Souls (Grades 3 to 7): At this stage the emphasis is placed on oral and written expressions allowing children to apply knowledge, experiment and practice. The syllabus is designed to nurture a sense of appreciation, curiosity and engagement towards creative literature, numerical ability and scientific thinking.

Inquiring Minds (Grades 8 to 12): At this stage, the emphasis is on academic excellence and all-round development of the mind and personality, promoting habits of self-learning with reduced dependence on the teacher. The emphasis is on how to learn rather than what to learn. As such, Euphoria adopts the learning-by-doing project based approach with stress on problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

The aim behind it is to make the students fit for the future and to develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, courage, righteousness and team spirit.

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