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How students learn

How students learn

Students at Euphoria learn in a loving and joyful environment. The entire culture of learning - Euphoria Learning System - is designed to unleash the natural talent and potential of each child to grow.

A Comparative Analysis

Traditional Learning System Euphoria Learning System
Follows concept of general intelligence Follows concept of Multiple Intelligence and Habits of Mind
Conventional Rote Learning or ‘Learning by Heart’ Experiential learning
Chalk and Talk learning Project based learning
Stressful learning, students are bored and disengaged. Stress-free, joyful learning. Students are well engaged.
Teaching involves only Oral and Written styles of learning Teaching involves Oral, Written, Visual and Kinesthetic style of learning
Teaching-learning is a one-way process Teaching-learning is a two-way interaction
Teacher is like the ‘sage on the stage’ Teacher is a facilitator and mentor
Follows exam oriented assessment Follows Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
Child learns through rote learning for exams only All-round development of child
Focus on conventional subjects Focus on STREAM Subjects and Themes
Learning not connected with life Education linked with real world & students’ interests

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